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 Lux shampoo is designed to be gentle on your hair. Our toxin-free formula is wonderful for treating dry, damaged, color-treated hair, sensitive scalp, clarifying and volumizing, it is infused with tamanu oil, panthenol, and quinoa to reduce scalp oiliness open hair follicles and strengthen your hair. The delightful scent of citrus will leave your hair smelling fresh and revitalized.  It is a wonderful all-around shampoo for every hair type. It pairs beautifully with our Lux Conditioner. 


The Allure Body wash is designed to cleanse add moisture and restore your body's precious ph balance. Our toxin-free formula is full of naturally nourishing ingredients while avoiding the toxic chemicals found in most body washes. Whether you are swimming in chlorinated water or spending the day in the sun our unique formula binds to environmental pollutions and washes them away leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh, and hydrated. It pairs beautifully with our Velvet Bodybutter .


The Men's 4×4 is designed to combine 4 products into one easy to use application from head to toe. Our toxin-free formula combines sensational nontoxic nourishing ingredients while steering clear of harmful ingredients found in most men's body care products.  Leaving your hair and body feeling and smelling fresh,  clean, and moisturized all day long. 


 Lux Conditioner is designed to be used as an everyday hair conditioner as well as a hair treatment for damaged hair. Our toxin-free formula is free of the harmful chemicals found in most conditioners. It is rich in amino acids, antioxidants. It is never heavy so it won't weigh your hair down it is perfect for reducing frizz making it easy to comb thru while giving your hair plenty of volume and shine. The pleasant scent of wild orange and peach will leave you feeling ready to tackle the day. It pairs perfectly with our Lux Shampoo. 


Our Revitalize Body Scrub is designed to gently exfoliate your body from head to toe. Our toxic-free formula contains sustainable bamboo and fine pumice to gently soften and brighten your skin while also adding moisture. Your skin will feel soft and smooth with the delightful scent of orange vanilla. Use before showering followed by Allure Bodywash for an all-over luxurious experience. 


Our Velvet Bodybutter is designed to hydrate you from head to toe. Our super-rich velvety toxic-free formula leaves your skin feeling super smooth yet never greasy, the light scent of cocoa/mango will delight your senses. 

Home & body

Our Purify is specially formulated to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Our non-toxic formula is safe to use on cuts, scrapes, rashes. It is the perfect hand sanitizer for all ages highly effective yet nondrying and so safe you can apply to a baby's skin. It may also be used to sanitize and remove odors from surfaces such as countertops, stainless steel, all appliances, glass,  baby's toys, dog bowls, dog toys, floors, carpets, and more.


This product is NOT intended for ingestion.


Please see our return policy 

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